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With the Windows Phone 7 Microsoft will release a new mobile operating system this fall. By displaying ECG recordings and vital signs on this new platform it could be shown that devices with the new mobile operating system can be used as mobile monitoring units. Due to their multiple wireless communication capabilities they can be useful for the mobile(More)
Patient registries are a useful tool to measure outcomes and compare the effectiveness of therapies in a specific patient population. High data quality and completeness are therefore advantageous for registry analysis. Data integration from multiple sources may increase completeness of the data. The pediatric renal transplantation registry CERTAIN(More)
INTRODUCTION Data on the efficacy and safety of everolimus in pediatric renal transplantation compared to other immunosuppressive regimens are scarce. PATIENTS/METHODS We therefore performed a multicenter, observational, matched cohort study over 4 years post-transplant in 35 patients on everolimus plus low-dose cyclosporine, who were matched (1:2) with a(More)
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