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550 600 650 700 750 wavelength (nm) nanoparticle without antenna nanoparticle with antenna 0 1 2 3-2-1 Supplementary Figure S1: Antenna enhancement for another antenna-particle pair: Same graph as in Fig.4 of the main text, but for another antenna-nanoparticle pair. The black curve shows the differential pump-probe spectrum of a single nanoparticle with 50(More)
We report simulations on the homogeneous liquid-fcc nucleation of charged colloids for both low and high contact energy values. As a precursor for crystal formation, we observe increased local order at the position where the crystal will form, but no correlations with the local density. Thus, the nucleation is driven by order fluctuations rather than(More)
Forward flux sampling (FFS) provides a convenient and efficient way to simulate rare events in equilibrium or non-equilibrium systems. FFS ratchets the system from an initial state to a final state via a series of interfaces in phase space. The efficiency of FFS depends sensitively on the positions of the interfaces. We present two alternative methods for(More)
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