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This paper presents the Dexterity Network (Dex-Net) 1.0, a dataset of 3D object models and a sampling-based planning algorithm to explore how Cloud Robotics can be used for robust grasp planning. The algorithm uses a Multi- Armed Bandit model with correlated rewards to leverage prior grasps and 3D object models in a growing dataset that currently includes(More)
Behavioural assays represent sensitive methods for detecting neuronal dysfunction in model organisms. A number of manual methods have been established for Drosophila, however these are time-consuming and generate parameter-poor phenotype descriptors. Here, we have developed an automated computer vision system to monitor accurately the three-dimensional(More)
The use of animal models in medical research provides insights into molecular and cellular mechanisms of human disease, and helps identify and test novel therapeutic strategies. Drosophila melanogaster--the common fruit fly--is one of the most well-established model organisms, as its study can be performed more readily and with far less expense than for(More)
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