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Today the Internet is a playground for the young. Tomorrow the elderly people will use the same technology and emerging forms of new media in their everyday life. The elderly people of tomorrow have to rely more and more on their technological skills in order to cope with their every day activities, and to contact their relatives, authorities and different(More)
(2006) ICT in medicine and health care: assessing social, ethical and legal issues. In: Social informatics: an information society for all? In remembrance of Rob Kling: proceedings of the seventh international conference on human choice and computers (HCC7). The work is supplied on the understanding that any use for commercial gain is strictly forbidden. A(More)
AbstrAct In the light of three major ethical theories, Lockean liberalism, consequentialism, and Kantian deon-tology, it seems that the intellectual property rights in digitally distributable media—be it software or other—have not been derived correctly. The three theories and their implications are reviewed and handled individually and conclusions based on(More)