Kai Kimppa

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Continuous developments in information and communication technologies (ICT) have resulted in an increasing use of these technologies in the practice of medicine and in the provision of medical care. This paper presents a series of perspectives from different areas of expertise on some of the ways in which ICT has changed the social picture in respect of the(More)
Social engineering is deeply entrenched in the fields of both computer science and social psychology. Knowledge is required in both these disciplines to perform social engineering based research. Several ethical concerns and requirements need to be taken into account when social engineering research is conducted to ensure that harm does not befall those who(More)
Anthropomorphized, or human-like artefacts, have been used in teaching and training of medical skills for a long time. The most famous artefact used today is probably the Resusci ® Anne CPR training manikin, which is used for training of resuscitation skills. However, what has changed over the lifespan of these artefacts is the level of human-like features(More)
In this paper, we do a literature review on electronic health records (EHR) and patient involvement. It seems that patients are not included as much as one would presume. After our analysis of both literature and ethical nature, we suggest that research on why this is so and whether they should be included needs to be done.