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Pentlandite rocks as sustainable and stable efficient electrocatalysts for hydrogen generation
The need for sustainable catalysts for an efficient hydrogen evolution reaction is of significant interest for modern society. Inspired by comparable structural properties of [FeNi]-hydrogenase, hereExpand
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Bio-inspired design: bulk iron–nickel sulfide allows for efficient solvent-dependent CO2 reduction† †Electronic supplementary information (ESI) available. See DOI: 10.1039/c8sc03555e
The electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2RR) to valuable bulk chemicals is set to become a vital factor in the prevention of environmental pollution and the selective storage ofExpand
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Rational Development of Cobalt β-Ketoiminate Complexes: Alternative Precursors for Vapor-Phase Deposition of Spinel Cobalt Oxide Photoelectrodes.
A series of six cobalt ketoiminates, of which one was previously reported but not explored as a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) precursor, namely, bis(4-(isopropylamino)pent-3-en-2-onato)cobalt(II)Expand
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Powering Artificial Enzymatic Cascades with Electrical Energy
Abstract We have developed a scalable platform that employs electrolysis for an in vitro synthetic enzymatic cascade in a continuous flow reactor. Both H2 and O2 were produced by electrolysis andExpand
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Simple Methods for the Preparation of Non-noble Metal Bulk-electrodes for Electrocatalytic Applications.
The rock material pentlandite with the composition Fe4.5Ni4.5S8 was synthesized via high temperature synthesis from the elements. The structure and composition of the material was characterized viaExpand
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FexNi9-xS8 (x = 3-6) as potential photocatalysts for solar-driven hydrogen production?
The efficient reduction of protons by non-noble metals under mild conditions is a challenge for our modern society. Nature utilises hydrogenases, enzymatic machineries that comprise iron- and nickel-Expand
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