Kai-Jun Yuan

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We present a method for producing a single circularly polarized attosecond pulse by an intense few cycle elliptically polarized laser pulse combined with a terahertz field from numerical solutions of the time-dependent Schrödinger equation for the molecular ion H2(+). It is found that in the presence of a 62.5 THz (λ=4800  nm) field at an intensity of(More)
The thermal behavior of polyester-polyurethane and polyether-polyurethane in air atmosphere was investigated by using FTIR analysis in the temperature range from 20 to 400 degrees C. The thermal degradation behaviors of polyester-polyurethane and polyether-polyurethane in different atmospheres were investigated by using thermogravimetry analysis (TG) in the(More)
The diabatic photodissociation and photoionization processes of the NaI molecule are studied theoretically using the quantum wave packet method. A pump laser pulse is used to prepare a dissociation wave packet that propagates through both the ionic channel (NaI-->Na(+)+I(-)) and the covalent channel (NaI-->Na+I). A Stark pulse is used to control the(More)
Exploring molecular breakup processes induced by light-matter interactions has both fundamental and practical implications. However, it remains a challenge to elucidate the underlying reaction mechanism in the strong field regime, where the potentials of the reactant are modified dramatically. Here we perform a theoretical analysis combined with a(More)
Ultrafast charge migration is of fundamental importance to photoinduced chemical reactions. However, exploring such a quantum dynamical process requires demanding spatial and temporal resolutions. We show how electronic coherence dynamics induced in molecules by a circularly polarized UV pulse can be tracked by using a time-delayed circularly polarized(More)
We propose a method to monitor coherent electron wave packet (CEWP) excitation dynamics with two-color attosecond laser pulses. Simulations are performed on aligned H2+ by numerically solving the three-dimensional time-dependent Schrödinger equation with combinations of a resonant linearly polarized λl= 100/70 nm pump pulse and a circularly polarized λc=5(More)
We demonstrate theoretically an efficient field-free orientation in LiH and LiCl driven by available terahertz few-cycle pulses (TFCPs). Exact results by numerically solving the time-dependent Schrodinger equation including the vibrational and rotational degrees of freedom are compared to the rigid-rotor approximation (RRA) as well as to the impulsive(More)
Molecular photoionization by intense attosecond linearly and circularly polarized X-ray laser pulses is investigated from numerical solutions of time-dependent Schrödinger equations for the one-electron systems H2(+) and H3(++). Both momentum stripes and rings in photoelectron angular distributions are observed. The first with momentum intervals Δp(s)=2(More)
We study effects of pulse durations on molecular photoelectron angular distributions (MPADs) in ultrafast circular polarization ultraviolet resonant ionization processes. Simulations performed on aligned H2 (+) by numerically solving time dependent Schrödinger equations show rotations of MPADs with respect to the molecular symmetry axes. It is found that in(More)
Molecular photoelectron angular distributions (MPADs) by intense (I0 ≥ 10(14) W/cm(2)) circularly polarized ultrashort, few cycle (attosecond) ultraviolet laser pulses are presented from numerical solutions of time dependent Schrödinger equations. For the aligned molecular ion H2(+), the MPADs exhibit rotations with respect to the polarization and(More)