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Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the most recent generation of mobile communications promising increased transfer rates and enhanced security features. It is todays communication technology for mobile Internet as well as considered for the use in critical infrastructure, making it an attractive target to a wide range of attacks. We evaluate the implementation(More)
Spoofing is a serious threat to the widespread use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSSs) such as GPS and can be expected to play an important role in the security of many future IoT systems that rely on time, location, or navigation information. In this paper, we focus on the technique of multi-receiver GPS spoofing detection, so far only proposed(More)
In this paper, we report on recent advancements in attacking satellite-based positioning systems and on shortcomings of proposed countermeasures. Applications based on satellite positioning and navigation systems make use of a deployed infrastructure that is challenging to protect and secure against attacks. Many of the proposed protection mechanisms and(More)
Systems relying on satellite positioning techniques such as GPS can be targeted by spoofing attacks, where attackers try to inject fake positioning information. With the growing spread of flying drones and their usage of GPS for localization, these systems become interesting targets of attacks with the purpose of hijacking or to distract air safety(More)
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