Kai Huang

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In silico drug target identification, which includes many distinct algorithms for finding disease genes and proteins, is the first step in the drug discovery pipeline. When the 3D structures of the targets are available, the problem of target identification is usually converted to finding the best interaction mode between the potential target candidates and(More)
This article reports an ongoing project, an educational platform for cyber-physical/embedded systems by using Lego equipments and Fpgas. The platform targets the projects in lab exercise and practical training for both undergraduate and graduate students with a multidisciplinary background. The current version of the platform has been firstly applied to a(More)
T ypical design flows supporting the software development for multiprocessor systems are based on a board support package and high-level programming interfaces. These software design flows fail to support critical design activities, such as design space exploration or software synthesis. One can observe, however, that design flows based on a formal model of(More)
Commercial off-the-shelf multi-core architectures could significantly reduce costs and time-to-market of hard real-time systems. However, due to the unpredictable interference on the shared memory, the worst case execution time is either non-deterministic or overly pessimistic. Typically, the pessimism originates from the conservative assumption of maximum(More)
This report summarizes the work of coupling the MPARM cycle-accurate multi-processor simulator with the Distributed Operation Layer (DOL) system-level MPSoC development framework. The main contribution of this work is the runtime environment which enables the execution of the DOL applications on top of the MPARM simulator. The runtime environment is(More)
The usage of advanced audio processing algorithms in products has always been limited by the available processing power. For powerful concepts like the wave field synthesis (WFS) the performance is limited by the execution speed. In the past it was possible to increase the performance of digital signal processors by increasing the clock rate. The next(More)
Ich versichere, dass ich diese Bachelorarbeit selbstständig verfasst und nur die angegebenen Quellen und Hilfsmittel verwendet habe. I hereby declare that the thesis submitted is my own unaided work. All direct or indirect sources used are acknowledged as references. Abstract Road lane detection and tracking methods are the state of the art in present(More)
Nucleation of sucrose at high supersaturation is difficult to control and the nuclei easily form aggregates, whereas at low supersaturation it is difficult to achieve nucleation using traditional methods. In order to explore a feasible method to enhance sucrose nucleation at low supersaturation, the effect of pulsed electric field (PEF) treatment on sucrose(More)
at M ¨ unchen Due to the efficient resource usage of integrating tasks with different criticality onto a shared platform, the integration with mixed-criticality tasks is becoming an increasingly important trend in the design of real-time systems. One challenge in such a mixed-criticality system is to maximize the service for low-critical tasks, while(More)