Kai Huang

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I confirm that this master's thesis is my own work and I have documented all sources and material used. Acknowledgments I would like to thank Mr. have given me such an interesting topic as my master thesis and were always ready and willing to answer my questions and give suggestions. I also want to thank the students who participated in the SS 2016 lab(More)
— We have developed a media player for use in distance education. The player can incorporate several time-indexed sources, including video, audio, PowerPoint, and text index. We have converted all the SMA 5503 Introduction to Algorithms lecture videos for use with the player. Student response to the player has been excellent. The player also allows playback(More)
Nucleation of sucrose at high supersaturation is difficult to control and the nuclei easily form aggregates, whereas at low supersaturation it is difficult to achieve nucleation using traditional methods. In order to explore a feasible method to enhance sucrose nucleation at low supersaturation, the effect of pulsed electric field (PEF) treatment on sucrose(More)
—The concept of autonomous cars is driving a boost for car electronics and the size of automotive semiconductor market is foreseen to double by 2025. How to benefit from this boost is an interesting question. This article presents a case study to test the feasibility of using OpenCL as the programming language and COTS components as the underlying platforms(More)
Shared cache in modern multi-core systems has been considered as one of the major factors that degrade system predictability and performance. How to manage the shared cache for real-time multi-core systems in order to optimize the system performance while guaranteeing the system predictability is an open issue. In this paper, we present a reconfigurable(More)
The influence of the molecular weight of dextran on the crystallization of sucrose (including primary and secondary crystallization) in a pure sucrose solution was investigated via in-line focused beam reflectance monitoring. The most pronounced effect of dextran on sucrose crystallization was found with molecular weights >500,000 at a concentration of 2500(More)