Kai-Hsin Hsieh

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A new nanoparticle-bound polymer stationary phase was prepared by in situ polymerization of methacrylamide (MAA), bis-acrylamide crosslinker, and carboxylated multi-walled carbon nanotubes (multi-walled CNTs; MWNTs), using the abundant double bonds in the cyclopentadienyl rings in MWNT structure, on a silanized capillary. Each intermediate capillary between(More)
Nanoparticles exhibiting favorable surface-to-volume ratios create efficient stationary phases for electrochromatography. New nanomaterials derived from chitosan (CS) were immobilized onto modified capillaries for use as the chiral stationary phase (CSP) in open-tubular electrochromatography. This immobilization was achieved through the copolymerization of(More)
Telomeres are dynamic DNA-protein complexes at the end of linear chromosomes. Maintenance of functional telomeres is required for chromosome stability, and to avoid the activation of DNA damage response pathway and cell cycle arrest. Telomere-binding proteins play crucial roles in the maintenance of functional telomeres. In this study, we employed affinity(More)
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