Kai-Hsiang Tsao

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It is the well-known visual secret sharing (VSS) technique that encrypts a secret image into several share images and, later, decrypts the secret by stacking the share images and recognizing by the human visual system. Due to the perfect secrecy, VSS is one of well-candidate for achieving secure e-commerce. Furthermore, the other visual secret sharing(More)
This paper presents a visual secret sharing (VSS) scheme for general access structures by using random grids. Compared to the existing VSS schemes for general access structures, the proposed scheme generates the shares of same size as that of the original secret image and does not require any codebook prior to encryption process. With these advantages, the(More)
Low-Power High-Speed graphics processing unit (GPU) is one of the key hardware components in modern mobile devices such as smart phones. This paper presents several methods to improve the execution performance and reduce the power of a previously designed programmable GPU for OpenGL ES 2.0 specification. The GPU has a vectored and(More)