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Depth map super-resolution is an emerging topic due to the increasing needs and applications using RGB-D sensors. Together with the color image, the corresponding range data provides additional information and makes visual analysis tasks more tractable. However, since the depth maps captured by such sensors are typically with limited resolution, it is(More)
The use of time-of-flight sensors enables the record of full-frame depth maps at video frame rate, which benefits a variety of 3D image or video processing applications. However, such depth maps are typically corrupted by noise and with limited resolution. In this paper, we present a learning-based depth map super-resolution framework by solving a MRF(More)
Compared to the color images, their associated depth images captured by the RGB-D sensors are typically with lower resolution. The task of depth map super-resolution (SR) aims at increasing the resolution of the range data by utilizing the high-resolution (HR) color image, while the details of the depth information are to be properly preserved. In this(More)
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