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Norman proposed a model describing the sequence of user activities involved in human-computer interaction. Through this model, Norman provides a rationale for why direct-manipulation interfaces may be preferred to other design alternatives. Based on <italic>action identification theory</italic> we developed several hypotheses about the operations of(More)
about the potential of multimedia to alleviate the limitations of text-based information in the context of individual decision makers utilizing organizational data and test them in a laboratory experiment. Results support the task-representation fit relationships predicted. For analyzable tasks, text-based representation and multimedia representation are(More)
Purpose – The proliferation and advance of web-based technologies create expanded opportunities for retailers to gain a better understanding of their customers. However, the success of these web-based discussion boards depends solely on whether customers are willing to share their knowledge and experience with other customers in these discussion boards.(More)
Research Article Online designers have widely adopted banners as a popular online advertising format. However, because of their low click-through rates, marketers have recently questioned the effectiveness of banners. A phenomenon called " banner blindness " suggests that salient stimuli, such as banners, are often missed by Internet users. This contradicts(More)
Organizational agility has recently received a great deal of attention as it is seen as a significant business capability which allows firms to respond flexibly to today's rapidly changing business environment. In particular, this capability deems essential under a fast growing economy, such as China. However, it is still unclear as to how and why specific(More)