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V\/ith the advent of multimedia and intranet technologies, managers and information systems designers face a new challenge: how to capture and present information using a variety of representation formats (text, graphics, audio, video, and animations) so that merDbers of an organization can make better sense out of the information avaitable. In this study,(More)
The effects of e-commerce institutional mechanisms on trust and online purchase have traditionally been understood in the initial online purchase context. This study extends this literature by exploring the role of ecommerce institutional mechanisms in the online repurchase context. In doing so, it responds to the emerging call for understanding the(More)
Purpose – The proliferation and advance of web-based technologies create expanded opportunities for retailers to gain a better understanding of their customers. However, the success of these web-based discussion boards depends solely on whether customers are willing to share their knowledge and experience with other customers in these discussion boards.(More)
By reflecting on the polymorphous aspects of firms’ strategic responses to environmental dynamics, we differentiate two distinctive types of agility, namely, entrepreneurial agility (anticipating and proactive) and adaptive agility (sensing and reactive). In this light, we investigate how and why firms’ IT and operational capabilities can enable these two(More)