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This paper presents an empirical model to describe battery behavior during individual discharge cycles as well as over its cycle life. The basis for the form of the model has been linked to the internal processes of the battery and validated using experimental data. Subsequently, the model has been used in a Particle Filtering framework to make predictions(More)
—Electro-mechanical actuators (EMA) are finding increasing use in aerospace applications, especially with the trend towards all all-electric aircraft and spacecraft designs. However, electro-mechanical actuators still lack the knowledge base accumulated for other fielded actuator types, particularly with regard to fault detection and characterization. This(More)
—Prognostics is an emerging concept in condition based maintenance (CBM) of critical systems. Along with developing the fundamentals of being able to confidently predict Remaining Useful Life (RUL), the technology calls for fielded applications as it inches towards maturation. This requires a stringent performance evaluation so that the significance of the(More)
Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) has seen a resurgence recently with new service offerings in industry for guaranteed uptime and with military requirements asking for cost-containing condition-based maintenance (CBM) implementations. A chief component of PHM is prognostics, which is also its least mature element. Prognostics attempts to estimate(More)
Prognostic performance evaluation has gained significant attention in the past few years. * Currently, prognostics concepts lack standard definitions and suffer from ambiguous and inconsistent interpretations. This lack of standards is in part due to the varied end­ user requirements for different applications, time scales, available information, domain(More)
This paper investigates the use of the ρ-correlation as a measure for classifier diversity to aid in the choice of classifiers for a fusion ensemble. Specifically, we define a measure that captures the correlation for n classifiers for binary output as well as for classifier with continuous output. We then suggest the use of the ρ-correlation in classifier(More)
Failure precursors indicate changes in a measured variable that can be associated with impending failure. By identifying precursors to failure and by monitoring them, system failures can be predicted and actions can be taken to mitigate their effects. In this study, three potential failure precursor candidates, threshold voltage, transconductance, and(More)