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Range sidelobe artifacts which are associated with pulse compression methods can be reduced with a new method composed of pulse elongation and deconvolution (PED). While pulse compression and PED yield similar signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) improvements, PED inherently minimizes the range sidelobe artifacts. The deconvolution is implemented as a stabilized(More)
OBJECTIVE To demonstrate the feasibility of simultaneous dual fundamental grayscale and subharmonic imaging on a modified commercial scanner. MOTIVATION The ability to generate signals at half the insonation frequency is exclusive to ultrasound contrast agents (UCA). Thus, subharmonic imaging (SHI; transmitting at f(0) and receiving at f(0)/2) provides(More)
OBJECTIVES The ability to estimate tissue perfusion (in milliliter per minute per gram) in vivo using contrast-enhanced 3-dimensional (3D) harmonic and subharmonic ultrasound imaging was investigated. MATERIALS AND METHODS A LOGIQ™ 9 scanner (GE Healthcare, Milwaukee, WI) equipped with a 4D10L probe was modified to perform 3D harmonic imaging (HI;(More)
This paper describes work aimed at combining 3D ultrasound with full-field digital mammography via a semi-automatic prototype ultrasound scanning mechanism attached to the digital mammography system gantry. Initial efforts to obtain high x-ray and ultrasound image quality through a compression paddle are proving successful. Registration between the x-ray(More)
PURPOSE To compare subharmonic aided pressure estimation (SHAPE) with pressure catheter-based measurements in human patients with chronic liver disease undergoing transjugular liver biopsy. MATERIALS AND METHODS This HIPAA-compliant study had U.S. Food and Drug Administration and institutional review board approval, and written informed consent was(More)
Sanjiv Kaul, MD, FASE,* James G. Miller, PhD,* Paul A. Grayburn, MD, Shinichi Hashimoto, Mark Hibberd, MD, PhD, Mark R. Holland, PhD, FASE, H el ene C. Houle, BA, RDMS, RDCS, RVT, FASE, Allan L. Klein, MD, FASE, Peg Knoll, RDCS, FASE, Roberto M. Lang, MD, FASE, Jonathan R. Lindner, MD, FASE, Marti L. McCulloch, RDCS, FASE, Stephen Metz, PhD, Victor Mor-Avi,(More)
Proliferation of the adventitial vasa vasorum (VV) is inherently linked with early atherosclerotic plaque development and vulnerability. Recently, direct visualization of arterial VV and intraplaque neovascularization has emerged as a new surrogate marker for the early detection of atherosclerotic disease. This clinical review focuses on contrast-enhanced(More)
Vibro-acoustography is an ultrasound-based imaging modality that uses two ultrasound beams of slightly different frequencies to produce images based on the acoustic response caused by harmonic ultrasound radiation force excitation at the difference frequency between the two ultrasound frequencies. Vibro-acoustography has demonstrated feasibility and(More)
A new signal processing approach to estimation of local arterial pulse wave velocity (PWV) in superficial arterial segments using long-axis ultrasound measurements is proposed. The method is designed to be resistant to estimation bias due to pulse wave reflections. It is evaluated using a laboratory test tank, and it appears to estimate local PWV with less(More)