Kai Detlefsen

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We extend the definition of a convex risk measure to a conditional framework where additional information is available. We characterize these risk measures through the associated acceptance sets and prove a representation result in terms of conditional expectations. As an example we consider the class of conditional entropic risk measures. A new regularity(More)
Recently, Diebold and Li (2003) obtained good forecasting results for yield curves in a reparametrized Nelson-Siegel framework. We analyze similar modeling approaches for price curves of variance swaps that serve nowadays as hedging instruments for options on realized variance. We consider the popular Heston model, reparametrize its variance swap price(More)
Since the ideas of arbitrage free pricing were born, finance has changed radically both in theory and practice. Derivatives markets have evolved and options serve nowadays as underlyings and as hedging instruments. In this thesis, we consider some markets for equity derivatives. We start by statistical analysis of the markets for European options and(More)
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