Kai-Chun Liu

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Since the knee joint bears the full weight load of the human body and the highest pressure loads while providing flexible movement, it is the body part most vulnerable and susceptible to osteoarthritis. In exercise therapy, the early rehabilitation stages last for approximately six weeks, during which the patient works with the physical therapist several(More)
Rehabilitation exercise is one of the most important parts in knee osteoarthritis therapy. A good rehabilitation monitoring method provides physiotherapists with performance metrics that are greatly helpful in recovery progress. One of the main difficulties of monitoring and analysis is performing accurate online segmentation of motion sections due to the(More)
The proportion of the aging population is rapidly increasing around the world, which will cause stress on society and healthcare systems. In recent years, advances in technology have created new opportunities for automatic activities of daily living (ADL) monitoring to improve the quality of life and provide adequate medical service for the elderly. Such(More)
Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is the most common treatment for late stage of osteoarthritis, with high successful rate. However, we still need a comprehensive and continuous rehabilitation monitoring tools to validate in-hospital and in-home rehabilitation process. We proposed a mobile sensors system(More)
In order to improve healthcare services and support clinical professionals, it is important to develop the unobstructive and automatic ADLs monitoring system for healthcare applications. Currently, various works have been developed for the monitoring of daily activities, such as ambulation, kitchen task, food and fluid intake, dressing, and medication(More)
Falls are the primary cause of accidents for the elderly in the living environment. Reducing hazards in the living environment and performing exercises for training balance and muscles are the common strategies for fall prevention. However, falls cannot be avoided completely; fall detection provides an alarm that can decrease injuries or death caused by the(More)
Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is the most common treatment for degenerative osteoarthritis of that articulation. However, either in rehabilitation clinics or in hospital wards, the knee range of motion (ROM) can currently only be assessed using a goniometer. In order to provide continuous and objective measurements of knee ROM, we propose the use of(More)
According to the WHO report in 2013, the world population aging over 60 years is predicted to increase to 20 million in 2050. Aging comes about many challenges to elders due to their cognitive decline, chronic age-related diseases, as well as limitations in physical activity, vision, and hearing. Recent advances in wearable computing and mobile health(More)
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