Kai-Chih Liang

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ÐObject-oriented database system (OODB) supports an object-oriented data model with the functionality of persistency and transaction semantics. In order to facilitate the use of OODB, the Object Database Management Group (ODMG) defined a standard for object database management system. On the other hand, the Object Management Group (OMG) defined the Common(More)
An enterprise computing platform is a combination of emerging technologies and methodologies on which people can perform business activities to produce values. In recent years, several new technologies have boosted the evolution of the enterprise computing platform toward a more efficient and effective computing. However, only a few enterprises can utilise(More)
CORBA is widely accepted as the open international standard for modelling and building comprehensive distributed systems. In most cases, CORBA architects have adopted relational databases for storage of persistent data. Among the issues that usually face architecture designers considering how to combine CORBA and standard relational database standards are(More)