Kai-Chi Fang

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BACKGROUND Increased inflammation has been noted in sleep disorder patients with normal renal function. However, the relationship between sleep quality and circulating inflammatory markers has not been previously studied in haemodialysis (HD) patients. METHODS A total of 114 HD end-stage renal disease patients receiving maintenance HD for >3 months were(More)
Methadone, a synthetic racemic opioid that primarily works as a μ-opioid receptor (OPRM1) agonist, is commonly used for the treatment of heroin addiction. Genetic association studies have reported that the OPRM1 gene is involved in the physiology of heroin and alcohol addiction. Our current study is designed to test the hypothesis that genetic polymorphisms(More)
AIM Methadone maintenance therapy is one of the standard treatments for heroin addiction. The isozyme CYP3A4 of the CYP system is one of the metabolic enzymes, as well as CYP2B6, responsible for the metabolism of methadone. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the potential use of genetic polymorphisms in CYP3A4 as biomarkers for the prediction of(More)
This study aimed to evaluate the less stigmatizing positivity construct screening measurement and its association with recent self-harming behaviors among adolescents. Participants were 193 detained Taiwanese adolescents. Questionnaires consisted of a deliberate self-harm inventory, a positivity construct measurement, a depression scale, data concerning(More)
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