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There has been much interest in quantum key distribution. Experimentally, quantum key distribution over 150 km of commercial Telecom fibers has been successfully performed. The crucial issue in quantum key distribution is its security. Unfortunately, all recent experiments are, in principle, insecure due to real-life imperfections. Here, we propose a method(More)
Resveratrol is a plant-derived polyphenol that can attenuate the cardiotoxic effects of doxorubicin (DOX), a powerful antibiotic widely used in cancer chemotherapy. However, the underlying protective mechanisms of resveratrol remain elusive. Here, we show that resveratrol inhibited DOX-induced autophagy and cardiomyocyte death, and autophagy suppression is(More)
BACKGROUND Few studies have explored the added effect of heat waves, especially in China. Moreover, no prior studies have assessed whether the choice of heat wave definitions affected this added effect. This study compared the associations between heat waves defined by different heat wave definitions (HWs) and cause-specific mortality in warm season in(More)
Nitroalkene derivatives of linoleic acid (nitrolinoleic acid, LNO2) are formed via nitric oxide-dependent oxidative inflammatory reactions and are found at concentrations of approximately 500 nM in the blood of healthy individuals. We report that LNO2 is a potent endogenous ligand for peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARgamma; Ki(More)
INTRODUCTION Percutaneous retrograde screw fixation of the anterior column has been recommended for the treatment of minimally displaced acetabular fractures. However, proper placement of the screw in anterior column is challenging because of its unique anatomy. There are few anatomic studies on this technique, and the differences between male and female(More)
OBJECTIVE Oxidative stress is a key pathogenic factor in diabetic retinopathy. We previously showed that lovastatin mitigates blood-retinal barrier (BRB) breakdown in db/db mice. The purpose of this study is to determine the mechanisms underlying the salutary effects of lovastatin in diabetic retinopathy. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Expression of NADPH(More)
Cardiac autophagy is inhibited in type 1 diabetes. However, it remains unknown if the reduced autophagy contributes to the pathogenesis of diabetic cardiomyopathy. We addressed this question using mouse models with gain- and loss-of-autophagy. Autophagic flux was inhibited in diabetic hearts when measured at multiple time points after diabetes induction by(More)
To determine whether insulin action on endothelial cells promotes or protects against atherosclerosis, we generated apolipoprotein E null mice in which the insulin receptor gene was intact or conditionally deleted in vascular endothelial cells. Insulin sensitivity, glucose tolerance, plasma lipids, and blood pressure were not different between the two(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Over the past decade, heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) has emerged as a potential therapeutic target for cancer. However, the molecular mechanisms of down-regulation Hsp90 expression in osteosarcoma are incompletely understood. To develop potential therapy targeting Heat shock protein 90B1 (Hsp90B1), we studied the roles of miR- 223 in the(More)
To present a systemic review and meta-analysis to evaluate the nomograms developed to predict non-sentinel lymph node (NSLN) metastasis in breast cancer patients. We focused on the six nomograms (Cambridge, MSKCC, Mayo, MDA, Tenon, and Stanford) that are the most widely validated. The AUCs were converted to odds ratios for the meta-analysis. In total, the(More)