Kai-Che Liu

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Operation in minimally invasive surgery is more difficult since the surgeons perform operations without haptic feedback or depth perception. Moreover, the field of view perceived by the surgeons through endoscopy is usually quite limited. The goal of this paper is to allow surgeons to see wide-angle images from endoscopy without the drawback of lens(More)
Laparoscopic surgery is indispensable from the current surgical procedures. It uses an endoscope system of camera and light source, and surgical instruments which pass through the small incisions on the abdomen of the patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery. Conventional laparoscope (endoscope) systems produce 2D colored video images which do not provide(More)
This paper presents an advanced augmented reality system for spinal surgery assistance, and develops entry-point guidance prior to vertebroplasty spinal surgery. Based on image-based marker detection and tracking, the proposed camera-projector system superimposes pre-operative 3-D images onto patients. The patients' preoperative 3-D image model is(More)