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BACKGROUND Proponents of navigated knee arthroplasty stress its potential to increase the precision of component placement. We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to substantiate the validity and relevance of this contention. METHODS We searched major medical and publishers' databases for randomized trials and any other studies comparing(More)
The reputation of total ankle arthroplasty for treating end-stage ankle arthritis of different origin is dubious. Newer generation meniscal-bearing prostheses may have overcome the known problems with earlier implants. There is, however, no systematic approach to the available scientific evidence allowing for a critical appraisal of their benefits and(More)
We set out to evaluate the clinical efficacy of individual antibiotic agents for bone and joint infections in adults. Published and unpublished controlled trials reported between 1966 and 2000 were reviewed to determine if they involved random or quasi-random allocation to systemically administered antimicrobials or local antibiotic therapy for(More)
BACKGROUND How precise and reliable is ultrasonography as a primary tool for injury assessment in blunt abdominal trauma? METHODS A systematic review and meta-analysis were conducted of prospective clinical trials of ultrasonography for blunt abdominal trauma. Publications were retrieved by structured searching among databases, review articles and major(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a clinically and methodologically sound approach to diagnostic meta-analysis. METHODS Two-step model was used involving four fictitious sets of 10 studies each with varying sensitivity and specificity; this was followed by the application of the method to data from a published systematic review of emergency ultrasound.(More)
BACKGROUND Daily documentation and maintenance of medical record quality is a crucial issue in orthopaedic surgery. The purpose of the present study was to determine whether the introduction of a handheld computer could improve both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of medical records. METHODS A series of consecutive patients who were admitted for(More)
To evaluate whether laparoscopic appendectomy shortens the convalescence and the postoperative period until return to work when compared to conventional appendectomy, a prospective randomized trial was performed. The major endpoint of the study was the time until return to work; minor endpoints were postoperative pain, fatigue, operative time and(More)
Von den 3-Komponenten-Prothesenmodellen der neuen Generation mit "biologischer" Verankerung werden hinsichtlich der totalendoprothetischen Versorgung des oberen Sprunggelenks (OSG-TEP) relevante Fortschritte erwartet. Es wurde eine systematische Literatursuche durchgeführt, in die prospektive und retrospektive Kohortenstudien mit >20 Patienten, minimaler(More)
PURPOSE To study whether compliance with methodological standards affected the reported accuracy of screening ultrasonography (US) for trauma. MATERIALS AND METHODS Meta-analysis was conducted of prospective investigations in which US was compared with any diagnostic reference test in patients with suspected abdominal injury. Reports were retrieved from(More)
Emergency ultrasound has established itself as a key procedure of primary diagnostic work-up for blunt abdominal and multiple trauma. However, in a systematic review published in 2001 ultrasonography turned out to provide an unexpectedly low sensitivity. We conducted an update of this analysis to investigate if test characteristics will be maintained(More)