Kahar Osman

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Understanding of airflow in human airways is beneficial to medical field. Through the understanding, assessment on severity of airway disease and efficiency of medical inhalation drugs delivery can be assessed. For this purpose, an accurate and realistic human lung model is needed. With the variability in the outcomes based on both models notified, the(More)
Incorrect surgical of mitral valves failure will cause death. Surgical repair can be improved by knowing the correlations between backflow and the rigidity of mitral valve. A two-dimensional fluid structure interaction model of the mitral valves was investigated. A simple approximation of the heart geometry was used. The viscosity of blood and the elastic(More)
The need to have equipments with a low form factor, defined as depth divided by the width multiplied by the height, is very essential for a particular product to be marketable. Thus, when an old product needs to be customized to a new form factor, while maintaining the standardized components, there will be distorted thermal distribution. In this study,(More)
Tracheal stenosis is a condition where the diameter size of trachea wall decreases and leads to the obstruction of the breathing airflow. Investigation on the effect of the stenosis to the airflow pattern in the trachea and main bronchi is the objective for this study. CT-scan images of two airways models were modeled, one with the stenosis and one without.(More)
  • Nor Azwadi, Che Sidik, Kahar Osman, Ahmad Zahran Khudzairi, Zamani Ngali
  • 2008
Solutions to the Navier Stokes equations have been pursued by many researchers. One of the recent methods is lattice Boltzmann method, which evolves from Lattice Gas Automata, simulates fluid flows by tracking the evolution of the single particle distribution. Another method to solve fluid flow problems is by splitting the Navier Stokes equations into(More)
Blood flow analysis is a study of measuring the blood pressure and finding its equivalent flow rate, velocity profile and wall shear stress. In this article, the relationship between blood pressure gradient, velocity profile, centreline velocity, volumetric flow rate and wall shear stress is determined analytically through a Graphical User Interface (GUI)(More)
Freezing characteristics of spherical encapsulated ice for thermal energy storage (TES) system are analyzed and important factors such as behavior of temperature inside spherical encapsulated ice is identified. An ice ball model was developed considering the heat transfer fluid (HTF) that flow across the ice ball containing phase change material (PCM). The(More)
Solution to Navier-Stokes equation using Splitting Method is tailored to promote accuracy and efficiency of the original flow algorithm. Two-dimensional unsteady lid-driven cavity flow based on basic Splitting algorithm on Cartesian Coordinates is compared with two advanced codes, Splitting on Stretched Coordinates and Splitting with Spectral Approach. In(More)
Fusiform shape of aneurysm is a common geometry of Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm (AAA). One of the ways to detect the presence of fusiform aneurysm is by performing computer tomography scan of the body. In this study, actual output of the CT-Scan was converted to 3D model in numerical modeling. The objective of this work is to study the effect of hypertensive(More)
In the mitral valve, regional variations in structure and material properties combine to affect the biomechanics of the entire valve. From previous studies, we know that the mitral valve leaflet tissue is highly extensible. A two-dimensional model of the mitral valve was generated using an Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) mesh. A simple approximation of(More)