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Sanguinarine, chelerythrine and chelidonine are isoquinoline alkaloids derived from the greater celandine. They possess a broad spectrum of pharmacological activities. It has been shown that their anti-tumor activity is mediated via different mechanisms, which can be promising targets for anti-cancer therapy. We focused our study on the differential effects(More)
Human telomeres are composed of long repeating sequences of TTAGGG, associated with a variety of telomere-binding proteins. Its function as an end-protector of chromosomes prevents the chromosome from end-to-end fusion, recombination and degradation. Telomerase acts as reverse transcriptase in the elongation of telomeres, which prevent the loss of telomeres(More)
Dendritic cells are the most potent 'professional' antigen-presenting cells, with high ability of primary immune response initiation. Dendritic cells originate from bone marrow progenitors, which circulate in peripheral blood and subsequently give rise to immature dendritic cells, which reside in peripheral tissues. When dendritic cells encounter danger(More)
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