Kah Seng Tay

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Effective teaching involves treating the presentation of new material and the assessment of students’ mastery of this material as part of a seamless and continuous feedback cycle. We have developed a computer system, called Classroom Learning Partner (CLP), that supports this methodology, and we have used it in teaching an introductory computer science(More)
This paper reports the latest developments for a wireless pen-based classroom interaction system, Classroom Learning Partner (CLP), and two new variations—Group Learning Partner (GLP) and Elementary Learning Partner (ELP). CLP consists of a network of Tablet PCs and software for posing questions to students, interpreting their handwritten answers, and(More)
Interpretation accuracy of current applications dependent on interpretation of handwritten "digital ink" can be improved by providing contextual information about an ink sample’s expected type. This expected type, however, has to be known or provided a priori, and poses several challenges if unknown or ambiguous. We have developed a novel approach that uses(More)
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