Kagan Topalli

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Plasmonically enhanced metal-insulator-metal (MIM) type structures are popular among perfect absorbers and photodetectors in which the field enhancement (for increased absorption) mechanism is directly coupled with collection (photocurrent) processes. In this work we propose a device structure that decouples absorption and collection parts for independent(More)
Absorbing infrared radiation efficiently is important for critical applications such as thermal imaging and infrared spectroscopy. Common infrared absorbing materials are not standard in Si VLSI technology. We demonstrate ultra-broadband mid-infrared absorbers based purely on silicon. Broadband absorption is achieved by the combined effects of free carrier(More)
In this paper, a novel concept for ultra-wideband simultaneous switching noise (SSN) mitigation in high-speed printed circuit boards (PCBs) is proposed. Using complementary spiral resonators (CSRs) etched on only a single layer of the power plane and cascaded co-centrically around the noise port, ultra-wideband SSN suppression by 30 dB is achieved in a(More)
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