Kafoumba Bamba

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Three experiments were carried out to find the optimal concentration of DMSO and glycerol in BF5 diluent for freezing rabbit spermatozoa. Semen was diluted 1:1 with diluent A (BF5 + DMSO) at 25 degrees C and diluted further 1:1 with diluent B (diluent A + glycerol) after cooling down to 5 degrees C. Diluted semen was frozen immediately and stored in liquid(More)
39 mol% SiC of ceramic pellets ZrB2-αSiC and TiB2-αSiC were synthesized by the reactive hot pressure RHP process at 1850 ̊C under 40 Mpa in vacuum. The XR diffraction displays the absence of other reagents apart from ZrB2, SiC and TiB2 confirming the purity of the pellets. The cathodic exploitation of both of them through electrochemical study shows that(More)
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