Kae-Dal Kwack

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A new method of using photo-electromotive force in detecting gas and controlling sensitivity is proposed. Photo-electromotive force on the heterojunction between porous silicon thin layer and crystalline silicon wafer depends on the concentration of ammonia in the measurement chamber. A porous silicon thin layer was formed by electrochemical etching on(More)
Changes in electric parameters of a mesoporous silicon treated by a plasma chemical etching with fluorine and hydrogen ions, under the adsorption of NEPO (Nematodetransmitted Polyhedral) plant viruses such as TORSV (Tomato Ringspot Virus), GFLV (Grapevine Fan Leaf Virus) and protein macromolecule from TORSV particles are described. The current response to(More)
In full-parallax three-dimensional (3-D) imaging systems, the pixel cells often have the shape of a rhombus. Proper arrangement of pixels in these rhombic-shaped cells is important to maximize the quality of displayable 3-D images with a given display panel. The possible number of pixel arrangements in a rhombic cell with a definite dimension is found by(More)