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Forensic characterization of 15 autosomal STRs in four populations from Xinjiang, China, and genetic relationships with neighboring populations
The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China (XUARC) harbors 47 ethnic groups including the Manchu (MCH: 0.11%), Mongols (MGL: 0.81%), Kyrgyz (KGZ: 0.86%) and Uzbek (UZK: 0.066%). To establish DNAExpand
Genetic characterization of Y-chromosomal STRs in Hazara ethnic group of Pakistan and confirmation of DYS448 null allele
Pakistan harbors 18 major ethnic groups and Hazara is one of the distinct but smaller groups comprising 0.090% of the total population. Hazara individuals have typical Mongolian facial features andExpand
Population data and phylogenetic structure of Han population from Jiangsu province of China on GlobalFiler STR loci
Forensic statistical parameters based on allelic frequencies of commonly used short tandem repeats were estimated for the Han population of Jiangsu province from P.R. China. The 6-dye GlobalFiler™Expand
Population data of 23 Y STRs from Manchu population of Liaoning Province, Northeast China
Mongol-like-horsemen-turned-merchants from Manchuria are known as Manchus, originally their homeland was centered around what is nowadays the city of Shenyang in Northeast China. Previously,Expand
Genetic analysis of 12 X-STRs for forensic purposes in Liaoning Manchu population from China.
X-chromosomal short tandem repeats (X-STRs) have been widely used in forensic practice involving complicated cases of kinship and also play an increasingly important role in population genetics.Expand