Kadirvel Ramanathan

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Mitochondrial dysfunction appears to contribute to some of the loss of function accompanying ageing. Mitochondria from aged tissue use oxygen inefficiently impairing ATP synthesis and results in increased oxidant production. A high flux of oxidants not only damages mitochondria, but other important cell biomolecules as well. In the present investigation,(More)
Arsenic is an ubiquitous element in the environment causing oxidative burst in the exposed individuals leading to tissue damage. Antioxidants have long been known to reduce the free radical-mediated oxidative stress. Therefore, the present study was designed to determine whether supplementation of alpha-tocopherol (400 mg/kg body weight) and ascorbic acid(More)
Arsenic exists ubiquitously in our environment and various forms of arsenic circulate in air, water, soil and living organisms. Since arsenic compounds have shown to exert their toxicity chiefly by generating reactive oxygen species, we have evaluated the effect of antioxidants ascorbic acid and alpha-tocopherol on lipid peroxidation, antioxidants and(More)
Apoptosis or programmed cell death (PCD) is a genetically regulated cellular, physiological and biochemical suicidal mechanism that plays a crucial role in the development and defense of homeostasis, in which the cell participates in its own demise via a cascade of molecular interactions. PCD can be modulated by various stimuli including infectious agents(More)
Arsenic, a naturally occurring element, is present in food, soil, air and water. All human populations are exposed to arsenic and its compounds through occupational or environmental processes. Since arsenic compounds have been shown to exert their toxicity chiefly by generating reactive oxygen species, we have evaluated the effect of ascorbic acid and(More)
Ageing is characterized by a failure to maintain homeostasis under conditions of physiological stress, with an increasing susceptibility to disease and death. The accumulation of errors committed by faulty biochemical reactions over a vast period generates the cumulative effect observed during ageing. The most notable among the effects of ageing are the(More)