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The aim of this paper, is to present the domain expert model of the web-based general purpose Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS). In our study, a web-based general purpose ITS which is an example of Adaptive Hypermedia System (AHS) has been realized. It can supply optimal curriculum sequences for a student. The system can run on the network. It has four(More)
Ideally, when faults happen, the closed-loop system should be capable of maintaining its present operation. This leads to the recently studied area of fault-tolerant control (FTC). This paper addresses soft computing and signal processing based active FTC for benchmark process. Design of FTC has three levels: Level 1 comprises a traditional control loop(More)
In this work is proposed that an adaptation tool that is for the automatic generation and personalization of courses of a general-purpose LCMS that is named A Tutor. A Tutor is a Learning Content Management System. The architecture of the adaptation tool that allows a personalized sequencing of LOs in A Tutor for the learner’s learning goals, learning(More)
This paper presents a nonlinear servo-control design based on Fuzzy model for safer and comfortable levitation of an electromagnetic suspension stage consisting of triple arrangement of hybrid electromagnets, since conventional linear control design can give satisfactory results only around a specified linearization point for tiny displacements. The authors(More)