Kadarsah Suryadi

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This paper provides a framework for measuring performance of higher education institution in running its academic, research and supporting functions. The framework is based on key success factors related to institution sustainability. Performaces are chategorized into academic, research and supporting key performance indicators (KPI). Each KPI are weighted(More)
As the increasing of the organization's complexities, fewer decisions are made by one individual only. Facilities to support the process of decision-making are needed, and Group Decision Support System (GDSS) as a new face of Decision Support System can be used as an alternative. As an information media that might reduce the problem of time and space,(More)
This paper presents a case study that is aimed to analyse the effects of Information Technology (IT) infrastructure transformation on the changes in organizational structure and capability, in a major telecommunication company in Indonesia. Before elaborating the results of the case study, relevant models related to the impact of IT on the organization were(More)
This research has objective to develop a model of key performance indicators (KPI) measurement in higher education institution. The proposed model is based on combination between AHP, trend analysis and comparative data.. KPIs are determined as description of key success factors related to institution sustainability. These KPIs are chategorized into(More)
The purpose of this paper is to describe interaction between intra-organizational knowledge sharing and inter-organizational knowledge sharing in collaborative learning process. Collaborative learning is defined as a learning process that occurs during interaction between more than two entities that have common purpose. Many previous research has shown that(More)
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