Kadaouia Habib

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The solution of NP-hard problems requires the use of one or more explicit or implicit heuristics as a practical measure. Quantum computers promise to make this practical for O (2<sup>n</sup>) problems or less, but have yet to deliver a solution to a single NP-hard problem. The question addressed by this paper is whether domain transference and reuse of(More)
The modeling and design of complex systems continues to face grand challenges in feedback and control. Existing languages and tools, either textual or graphical, bring some improvement for such purposes, but much remains to be done in order to readily insure scalability. In this paper, we propose a language, which gathers specialization and composition(More)
There are different kinds of technologies being used to improve the communication opportunity of children with verbal challenges. Portable communication devices provide the facility to the users for customizing applications according their needs. Besides, the usability and costing range of these portable communication devices make them less condemning for(More)
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