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The solution of NP-hard problems requires the use of one or more explicit or implicit heuristics as a practical measure. Quantum computers promise to make this practical for O (2<sup>n</sup>) problems or less, but have yet to deliver a solution to a single NP-hard problem. The question addressed by this paper is whether domain transference and reuse of(More)
The modeling and design of complex systems continues to face grand challenges in feedback and control. Existing languages and tools, either textual or graphical, bring some improvement for such purposes, but much remains to be done in order to readily insure scalability. In this paper, we propose a language, which gathers specialization and composition(More)
A criterion of the degradation/oxidation susceptibility of organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells in aqueous solutions was proposed for the first time. The criterion was derived based on calculating the limit of the ratio value of the polarization resistance of an OPV cell in aqueous solution (Rp(s)) to the polarization resistance of the OPV cell in air(More)
  • K Habib
  • 2011
Optical interferometry techniques were used for the first time to measure the volume resistivity∕conductivity of carbon steel samples in seawater with different concentrations of a corrosion inhibitor. In this investigation, the real-time holographic interferometry was carried out to measure the thickness of anodic dissolved layer or the total thickness,(More)
  • K Habib
  • 2016
In the present investigation, holographic interferometry was utilized for the first time to determine the rate change of the electrical resistance of aluminium samples during the initial stage of anodisation processes in aqueous solution. In fact, because the resistance values in this investigation were obtained by holographic interferometry,(More)
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