Kadanthottu Sebastian Joseph

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In the present study, extracts of Garcinia xanthochymus seeds were used to determine anti-diabetic, anti-oxidant, and biochemical activities in alloxan-induced diabetic mice. Of the petroleum ether (G. xanthochymus petroleum ether extract (GXSPE)) and methanol (G. xanthochymus methanol extract (GXSME)) seed extracts, 100 and 200 mg/kg were used and compared(More)
The proximate composition of seeds, physicochemical characteristics, and fatty acid profiles of Ziziphus oenoplia seed oil were determined in this study. The seeds possessed low moisture (4.54%) and high carbohydrate (42.96%) and protein content (40%), making the seed oil suitable for storage and consumption. The saponification value (197.80) of the seed(More)
We have developed sex-specific SCAR marker for the identification of dioecious Garcinia gummi - gutta (L.), which is useful for the selection of G. gummi - gutta at seedling stage and for plantation programmes. Garcinia gummi-gutta (L.) Robs. is a dioecious fruit yielding tree, which is naturally distributed as well as cultivated in the orchards in Western(More)
African mangosteen (Garcinia livingstonei T. Anderson) is native to Africa and is exotic to other parts of the world. It is a fruit bearing tree with multiple uses. This study was purposed to determine, by analysis, the chemical compositions and nutritive value of the fruits of African mangosteen. Proximate compositions varied with the portions such as(More)
Most flowering plants are hermaphroditic with both stamens and carpels in the same flower. Other sexual systems are derived from ancestral hermaphroditism through one of the following pathways namely via monoecy, directly from hermaprhoditism, via gynodioecy, via distyly or via androdioecy. Sexual system in the genus Garcinia is highly diverse and includes(More)
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