Kadambari Batra

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There has been worldwide resurgence in the incidence of Streptococcus pyogenes infection and its sequelae. S. pyogenes remains uniformly susceptible to penicillin, and it is speculated that its minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) has not changed during the past 70 years. The purpose of the present study was to determine the occurrence and pattern of(More)
Primary nasal tuberculosis is rare. We report a case that was all the more extraordinary because of the age and sex of the patient (an 11-year-old boy), the unusual associated symptoms (epistaxis and grand and seizures), and the presence of intracranial extension. Clinical and radiologic findings on our initial evaluation suggested that the patient had a(More)
Neurilemmomas of the tongue are uncommon. When they do occur; treatment is simple. However; diagnosis is invariably delayed because of the vagueness of symptoms. We encountered 2 cases of this unusual tumor within weeks of each other In 1 of these cases, the definitive diagnosis was delayed because of the atypical clinical picture-that is, an abscess in the(More)
Snoring is a social problem and is considered to be a warning sign, in relation to the upper airway structural and physiological anatomy. The complications and sequelae of snoring can be life threatening also. Therefore it becomes important to treat snoring in the first instance. Surgical treatment of snoring is the standard protocol (UPPP)(More)
We report three cases of rhinosporidiosis from migrant population of Delhi. Three male patients had sino-nasopharyngeal, nasopharyngeal and nasal rhinosporidiosis, respectively. One patient gave a history of bathing in stagnant water. The diagnosis was made by clinical presentation and microscopic observation of characteristic sporangia of Rhinosporidium(More)
An unusual case of a 6-year-old male child presenting with a history of bilateral nasal obstruction of 3 years duration is reported. Endoscopic surgery was performed and the specimen sent for histopathological examination. The report revealed the surprise diagnosis of Rosai-Dorfman disease. This case of isolated extranodal involvement (paranasal sinuses) by(More)
OBJECTIVE Epistaxis in the pediatric population is a common problem for both primary care physicians (PCPs) and otolaryngologists. Although a frequent reason for referral to ENT clinics, data is lacking regarding causes, effects on quality of life and common treatment modalities. METHODS Prospective, clinical and questionnaire based study, with ethical(More)
A commonly encountered complaint in clinical practice is that of a sore throat. However, confusion prevails in the minds of the treating specialists as to what treatment protocol should be followed and how to differentiate it from tonsilliti. It was with a view to clarifying this issue that a prospective study was undertaken on 50 patients with the(More)
Lipoid proteinosis (Urbach-Wiethe disease) is a rare autosomal-recessive anomaly that primarily affects the skin and the mucosa of the upper aerodigestive tract in children. It is caused by hyaline deposits in tissues. Hoarseness secondary to laryngeal involvement is frequently the first presenting feature. It is important to consider this disease in the(More)