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Human organic cation transporter 3 (OCT3 and SLC22A3) mediates the uptake of many important endogenous amines and basic drugs in a variety of tissues. OCT3 is identified as one of the important risk loci for prostate cancer, and is markedly underexpressed in aggressive prostate cancers. The goal of this study was to identify genetic and epigenetic factors(More)
—In this project, we investigate potential factors that may affect business performance on Yelp. We use a mix of features already available in the Yelp dataset as well as generating our own features using location clustering and sentiment analysis of reviews for businesses in Phoenix, AZ. After preprocessing the data to handle missing values, we ran various(More)
Es werden Methoden der Dosis-Effekt-Analyse verglichen, die es erlauben, nicht mehr gemessene Werte in höheren Dosisbereichen zu schätzen. Obwohl die Daten eng beieinander liegen, ergab die vonGupta 5 1952 entwickelte Methode zur Bestimmung von Mittelwerten befriedigende Schätzungen, verifiziert durch die Übereinstimmung innerhalb der Gruppen.
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