Kacper A. Wojtal

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Oncostatin M regulates membrane traffic and stimulates apicalization of the cell surface in hepatoma cells in a protein kinase A-dependent manner. Here, we show that oncostatin M enhances the expression of the cyclin-dependent kinase (cdk)2 inhibitor p27(Kip1), which inhibits G(1)-S phase progression. Forced G(1)-S-phase transition effectively renders(More)
BACKGROUND Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) is an important cytokine in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Anti-TNF antibodies have been successfully implemented in IBD therapy, however their efficacies differ among IBD patients. Here we investigate the influence of CD64 Fc receptor on the inhibitory activity of anti-TNFs in cells of(More)
The chaperone function of the ER-residing heat shock protein gp96 plays an important role in protein physiology and has additionally important immunological functions due to its peptide-binding capacity. Low amounts of gp96 stimulate immunity; high quantities induce tolerance by mechanisms not fully understood. A lack of gp96 protein in intestinal(More)
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