Kabir Rustogi

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A six-month, double-blind parallel clinical study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy on existing plaque and gingivitis of a pre-brush mouthrinse (Colgate Plax, Thailand) containing 0.03%(More)
A one-year, double-blind clinical study was conducted on a population of Thai children and teenagers to determine the effect of the twice daily use of an anticalculus dentifrice on supragingival(More)
This clinical study compared the effect of Colgate Actibrush, a battery-powered toothbrush, and Colgate Plus Diamond Head, a full-head, soft-bristled manual toothbrush, on established supragingival(More)
A survey was performed on a sample of children and teenagers in Thailand. The sample consisted of 260 subjects ages 10-17 years. Assessments of the prevalence and amount of supragingival calculus(More)