Kabir M Abubakar

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Excessive tidal volume (V(T)) can lead to lung injury, hypocarbia, and neurologic damage. Volume guarantee (VG) uses exhaled V(T) as the control variable to reduce the risk of volutrauma and more closely control PaCO(2). Our objective was to test the hypothesis that VG combined with assist/control (A/C) will maintain PaCO(2) and V(T) within target range(More)
OBJECTIVE:To compare the effect of combining assist/control with volume-guarantee (AC+VG) vs synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation with VG (SIMV+VG) on tidal volume (VT), peak inspiratory pressure (PIP), mean airway pressure (MAP), respiratory rate, heart rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2), and minute volume (MV) in preterm infants.STUDY DESIGN:A(More)
Although intrapulmonary fibrin deposition is a pathognomonic feature of acute lung injury, it remains uncertain whether thrombin inhibitors affect clinically important outcomes. We hypothesized that both heparin and antithrombin (AT) concentrate improve gas exchange during experimental respiratory distress syndrome. We also tested whether combination(More)
BACKGROUND Fractures resulting in segmental bone loss challenge the orthopedic surgeon. Orthopedic surgeons in developed countries have the option of choosing vascularized bone transfers, bone transport, allogenic bone grafts, bone graft substitutes and several other means to treat such conditions. In developing countries where such facilities or expertise(More)
Physicians and other professionals in the field of medicine have to perform invasive and non-invasive procedures on patients as part of their duties. There is a legal basis upon which these procedures are done; this is called 'informed consent.' Sociocultural factors have strong influence on the sick role. These factors influence the application of informed(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate positron emission tomography(PET) of [18F]fluorodexoyglucose (18FDG) uptake as a measure of neonatal acute lung injury. Inasmuch as intrapulmonary sequestration of neutrophils is a hallmark of acute lung injury, quantification of neutrophil activity using 18FDG may offer a novel, in vivo technique to examine the(More)
OBJECTIVE . To determine if antepartum administration of magnesium sulfate affects the Score for Neonatal Acute Physiology (SNAP). METHODS We reviewed a database of consecutive preterm admissions to our neonatal intensive care unit over a 12-month period. Information on delivery indication, magnesium sulfate use, betamethasone administration, neonatal(More)
BACKGROUND Volume-targeted ventilation is increasingly used in neonatal ventilation to reduce the risk of volutrauma and inadvertent hyperventilation. However, normative data for appropriate tidal volume (V(T)) settings are lacking, especially in extremely low birth weight (ELBW) infants in whom the added dead space (DS) of the flow sensor may be important.(More)