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Daily subcutaneous injection of cadmium chloride (0.3 mg/100g bw) for two weeks to normal and protein restricted (5% casein) rats shows significant decrease in 5-HT concentration in cerebellum, medulla oblongata-pons, hypothalamus, striatum-hippocampus, midbrain-thalamus-subthalamus, and cortex in both dietary regimens. No significant change occurs in(More)
DNA microarrays have gained widespread uses in biological studies such as cancer classification, cancer prognosis and identifications of cell cycle-regulated genes of yeast because of their large number of genes and small size. But they often produce missing expression values due to various reasons which significantly affect the performance of any data(More)
In wireless sensor network the efficient use of energy leads to enhance the network lifetime. As idle listening, collision, control overhead and over hearing are the main reasons of energy waste. Many typical MAC protocols are designed to conserve energy and enhance network lifetime. In this paper we propose a new contention based energy efficient protocol(More)
Support vector machine (SVM) has become an increasingly popular tool for machine learning tasks involving classification, regression or novelty detection. SVM is able to calculate the maximum margin (separating hyper-plane) between data with and without the outcome of interest if they are linearly separable. To improve the generalisation performance of SVM(More)
Classification is a process which plays a vital role in the analysis of the gene expression data set. The paper focuses on variety of learning algorithms which are really challenging in nature. The proposed model has been implemented and evaluated by using 5 benchmark datasets and to evaluate the performance and throughput of the model, various learning(More)
Data sets contain very large amount of information, which is not an easy task for the users to scan the entire data set. The researcher's initial task is to formulate a realistic explanation for the use of sampling in his research. Sampling has been often suggested as an effective tool to reduce the size of the dataset operated at some cost to accuracy. It(More)
Missing data are common occurrences and can have a significant effect on the conclusions that can be drawn from the data. In statistics, missing data or missing values occur when no data value is stored for the variable in the current observation. Due to missing value we are facing several problems like information loss for computation and analysis of data.(More)
Character Recognition is a process of understanding a human readable text document by machines. Today many researchers in the academia and industry are interested in this direction. This paper describes a novel method of Character Recognition. The main objective of this is to use the Radon Transform and Principal Component Analysis to obtain a set of(More)
World is regular to eyewitness a change in deaths apropos because of different cancer diseases. Ancient age ascertaining may count the ruin due to the cancer. In this paper we are analyzing the way for Cancer Classification and prediction so that we can prevent it in the earlier stages. For this we have studied several methodologies presented till now and(More)
In an attempt to find a method to create a stable, fast, easily modified replacement for a Microsoft Access database, SAS rapidly became the only choice as a replacement tool. SAS can very quickly be adapted for uses by relative beginners in novel ways to exploit its strengths as a data extraction and manipulation tool. Using PC SAS and SAS CONNECT for ODBC(More)