Kabenla E. E. E. Armah

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This paper gives a study into the development of a generalized model for a three-phase induction motor that offers flexibility of simulating balanced and unbalanced parameters scenarios. By analyzing the interaction of forces within the motor, we achieve our main objective of deriving the system dynamic equations for our model. The performance of the model(More)
* 713 State Street, Grinnell, Iowa 50112 U.S.A. ** 5765 Thornwood Drive, Santa Barbara, California 93117 U.S.A. Introduction Nearly all digital cameras – and most other color imaging systems available today – rely on three color filters to define the colors recorded by the system. Such systems typically record the nominal red, green, and blue values(More)
* 713 State Street, Grinnell, Iowa 50112 U.S.A. Fig. 1 U.S. Letter or A4 size “Target Calibration Pages” contain 100-step scales for cyan, magenta, yellow, red, green, blue, neutral, and human skintone colors. After printing using a printer’s normal settings, the pages are measured with an automated system which selects the patches that will produce the(More)
In this paper we present an alternative model of an induction motor that offers the flexibility required for simulation of phase faults scenarios as well as accounting for the effect of leakage saturation in the motor. A non-DQ generalized model is developed and modified to incorporate saturation effect. The performance of the model is evaluated by(More)
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