Kabashima Katsuya

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A gentle method to isolate glomeruli simply by cutting renal cortices without forced sieving was devised in our previous study of primary podocyte culture. Yields of glomeruli isolated by this method, however, were too small to perform subculture or biological assays. In the present study, we tried an isolation method with magnetic beads and collagenase to(More)
Recently, a new technique was developed for non-catalytically mixing microdroplets. In this method, an alternating-current (AC) electric field is used to promote the antigen-antibody reaction within the microdroplet. Previously, this technique has only been applied to histological examinations of flat structures, such as surgical specimens. In this study,(More)
Previously we reported that serum CA125 level is elevated in cases of pericardial effusion. We report three cases in which serum CA125 measurement is useful for assessing clinical status. In case 1, a 19-year-old came to our hospital for cardiac tamponade. Moderate degree of pericardial effusion and high CA125 level were observed. After the pericardectomy(More)
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