Kaaren Smith

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Childhood cancer patients have a greater likelihood of long-term survival than ever before. This study examined both the perceived family functioning of adolescents who had successfully completed treatment for pediatric cancer and the relationship between family functioning and post-treatment adjustment. Eighty-eight adolescent survivors of hematologic(More)
Psychosocial adjustment in adolescent cancer survivors has been documented to be quite variable. Factors mediating adjustment need to be identified. The current study is an exploration of the impact that cancer diagnosis and treatment has on adolescent's self-perceptions and the role this has in mediating adjustment in this group. Fifty-eight adolescent(More)
Rural-dwelling older adults experience unique challenges related to accessing medical and social services. This article describes the development, implementation, and experience of a novel, community-based program to identify rural-dwelling older adults with unmet medical and social needs that leveraged the existing emergency medical services (EMS) system.(More)
Cancer is a disease with both physical and psychosocial sequelae. While much is being learned about the physical late effects of cancer and its treatment, less is known about its psychosocial morbidity. Research shows that cancer survivors typically function quite adequately in their daily lives but may experience distress related to their past illness. The(More)
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