Kaan Kerman

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Glucocorticoids can play a critical role in modulating life-history trade-offs. However, studying the effects of glucocorticoids on life-history often requires experimentally elevating plasma glucocorticoid concentrations for several weeks within normal physiological limits and without repeated handling of the animal. Recently, implants made of beeswax and(More)
Novel-environment tests are the most widespread experimental technique for characterizing exploration, yet detailed evaluation of their performance among species is lacking. We compared the test for eight bird species by combining three well-known metrics of behavior: movement frequency, proportion of features visited, and scanning. In both overall and(More)
< Address the origin for far-from threshold buckling patterns in self-supported oxide membranes. < Provide an outline of shape evolution based on reduced stress. < Corroborate results of elastic model with experimental fabrication of self-supported thin film YSZ membrane. < Utilize self-supported membrane to show a proof-of-concept thin film SOFC operating(More)
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