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The edge detection on the images is so important for image processing. There are different methods for improving edge detection. Here, it is shown that edge detection can be realized using artificial neural network (ANN) with noise. Supervised learning method with momentum is used. Laplacian edge detector is a teacher of artificial neural network. In this(More)
Our patient is a 30 year old, married female, with one daughter. She has been coughing about 200-250 cc purulent, blood stained sputum per day for the last three years. In the microscopic examination of sputum, abundant leukocytes, a small quantity of red blood cells and epithelia were found. Elastic fibres were absent. In cultures C. albicans and beta(More)
Academia Anesthesiologica International, Vol (1), Issue (1) Page 10 A Comparison of the Effects of Bipolar Plasma Kinetic and Monopolar Transurethral Resection on the Incidence of Transurethral Resection Syndrome Dilsen Ornek1, Cihan Doger3, Kadriye Kahveci2, Kemal Oskay4, İsmail Aytaç1, Aysun Postacı1,Semih Başkan1, Kaan Aktaş5, Serkan Gökkaya5 1Ankara(More)
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