Ka Young Rhee

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The purpose of this survey was to obtain information on the overall blood lead concentrations of the Korean population due to environmental exposure. Five hundred and twenty-five Korean adults from four provinces who had no previous occupational exposure to lead were chosen by random sampling to represent the general (normal) population. Blood lead(More)
Accidental endobronchial intubation is reported frequently during laparoscopic gynaecological surgery. We performed a prospective randomised study to compare three different methods of endotracheal tube placement in terms of susceptibility of accidental endobronchial intubation in patients undergoing laparoscopic gynaecologic surgery. The endotracheal tube(More)
BACKGROUND Total oxygen consumption has been found to be reduced under deep neuromuscular blockade due to a lower rate of metabolism of skeletal muscles. However, the magnitude of this effect in individual muscles has not been investigated. Thus the aim of this study was to compare the oxygenation of paralyzed versus non-paralyzed forearm muscle under(More)
BACKGROUND Prolongation of spinal anesthesia by oral clonidine premedication has been known. We hypothesized that intravenous clonidine administered after the spinal block may prolong spinal anesthesia. METHODS To assess the prolongation of spinal anesthesia by intravenous clonidine, we designed a double-blind, placebo-controlled, prospective study.(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to examine the relationship between maternal markers of inflammation and labor performance. STUDY DESIGN A nested cohort study was performed utilizing an established cohort of term nulliparous patients. Maternal blood was collected at the onset of regular, painful contractions in patients undergoing labor induction or at admission in(More)
BACKGROUND Epidural morphine produces prolonged analgesia but has many side effects including pruritus. Naloxone is an antagonist that can reverse the side effects of morphine. METHOD We studied the effects of continuously administered epidural naloxone mixed with morphine on side effects and analgesia in a randomized, double blind, two-armed study.(More)
Background: Ischaemic reperfusion injury (IRI) after tourniquet release during total knee arthroplasty (TKR) is related to postoperative cerebral complications. Remote ischaemic preconditioning (RIPC) is known to minimise IRI in previous studies. Thus, we evaluated the effect of RIPC on regional cerebral oxygenation after tourniquet release during TKR.(More)
OBJECTIVE We evaluated the incidence of percutaneous superior vena cava catheter-related thrombosis and identified risk factors for developing the condition in patients undergoing cardiovascular surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass. METHODS A total of 121 patients were evaluated. A percutaneous superior vena cava catheter was inserted into the right(More)