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OBJECTIVES To examine the associations between objectively-assessed moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) and perceived/objective measures of neighbourhood recreational facilities categorized into indoor or outdoor, public, residential or commercial facilities. The associations between facility perceptions and objectively-assessed numbers of(More)
In the quest to better define PPCS, research is needed to better delineate the relative influence of brain injury (concussion) vs concomitant injuries and comorbid factors on the trajectory of recovery. Future research should clarify the role of primary (due to concussion), secondary (due toprescribed inactivity or social disengagement, concurrent traumatic(More)
The Day Reconstruction Method (DRM) is a method to measure one's subjective affective status by soliciting information in a questionnaire about the previous day's activities. We developed a new model to examine the association of daily activities, the friendliness of interacting partners, and time-of-day on net affect scores among 10,377 adults(More)
Measuring Postconcussive Activity Levels of Patients: Step Count or Activity Intensity? To the EditorWiebe et al1 examined the relationships between physical activity and symptomsof patients following concussion. We have several methodological concerns. First, this study used accelerometer-based step count to reflect physical activity level of patients. The(More)
Dropout of sport is an issue in sport and public health domains. The aim of this study was to identify the potential dropout reasons of school athletes and to examine if their perception of dropout was affected by the previous dropout experience. There were 50 subjects who were divided into two groups based on their previous dropout experience (Dropout(More)
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