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The IL-1 receptor-associated kinase (IRAK/mPLK) is linked to the regulation of nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-kappaB)-dependent gene expression. Here we describe a novel binding partner of IRAK/mPLK that we term SIMPL (signaling molecule that associates with the mouse pelle-like kinase). Overexpression of SIMPL leads to the activation of NF-kappaB-dependent(More)
Stacking-fault tetrahedra are detrimental defects in neutron- or proton-irradiated structural metals with face-centered cubic structures. Their removal is very challenging and typically requires annealing at very high temperatures, incorporation of interstitials or interaction with mobile dislocations. Here we present an alternative solution to remove(More)
Material performance in extreme radiation environments is central to the design of future nuclear reactors. Radiation induces significant damage in the form of dislocation loops and voids in irradiated materials, and continuous radiation often leads to void growth and subsequent void swelling in metals with low stacking fault energy. Here we show that by(More)
High energy particles introduce severe radiation damage in metallic materials, such as Ag. Here we report on the study on twin boundary (TB) affected zone in irradiated nanotwinned Ag wherein time accumulative defect density and defect diffusivity are substantially different from those in twin interior. In situ studies also reveal surprising resilience and(More)
Nb films are deposited on single crystal Al2O3 (110) and MgO(111) substrates by e-beam evaporation technique. Structure of Nb films and orientation relationships (ORs) of Nb/Al2O3 and Nb/MgO interface are studied and compared by the combination of experiments and simulations. The experiments show that the Nb films obtain strong (110) texture, and the Nb(More)
A retrospective study was conducted to assess radiographically the thymus size in well and sick neonates and to search for a possible relationship to perinatal events. Thymus size was expressed as cardiothymic:thoracic ratio (CT/T) by measuring the width of the cardiothymic shadow at the level of carina and dividing it by the width of the thorax at the(More)
OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to evaluate the influence of the route of drug administration and target tissue vascularity on the distribution of a photosensitizer, Photofrin porfimer sodium, in the uterus. STUDY DESIGN The study was divided in two phases. In phase I 80 mature female rats were hormonally suppressed and then stimulated with estrogen. They were(More)
This study attempts to shed light on intellectual capital (IC) performance of Hong Kong companies and its possible associations with business performance. Audited accounting data were collected from the constituent companies of Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong Stock Exchange between 2005 – 2008 in order to compute a set of IC efficiency indexes based on VAICTM.(More)